Manufacturer Part No:APS3636VR

Product Information

1 Output

Product Overview

The APS3636VR is a 1-output PowerVerter APS Inverter/Charger with auto-transfer switching, line-interactive AVR. The DC-to-AC inverter features an automatic line-to-battery transfer switch and integrated charging system that allow it to work as a vehicle inverter, standalone AC power source or extended-run UPS. With no fumes, fuel or excess noise, it’s an excellent alternative to generator power. It delivers 3600W of continuous power, 5400W up to one hour or 7200W of peak power up to 10 seconds during equipment startup or cycling. An automatic overload detector, cooling fan and resettable AC circuit breakers protect the unit from damage. When hardwired to an external 120VAC source, the unit keeps the user-supplied battery charged via a three-stage 30A charging system while simultaneously delivering AC power to connected equipment. When used as an UPS, the APS3636VR’s automatic voltage regulation feature protects your equipment against blackouts, brownouts, surges and line noise.
  • Auto-transfer switching option for UPS operation
  • Corrects brownouts and overvoltage without using battery power
  • Generates safe, stable, computer-grade 120VAC power from 36V battery bank
  • Unlimited runtime with variety of user-supplied batteries
  • Meets normal and peak power demands
  • High-current DC input terminals for simple hardwired installation
  • Protects against line noise that can damage equipment or cause data loss
  • Transfer relay switches to inverter power during blackout in 16.6ms
  • 3-position Switch enables auto, charge only or system off mode
  • DIP switches configure high and low voltage auto-transfer, wet/gel charging profiles
  • Protects battery from overcharging and over-discharging
  • Low-battery protection prevents excessive battery depletion
  • Remote control module provides remote monitoring and control of unit
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing
  • Resists moisture, vibration and impact
  • Built-in mounting feet for installation on any rigid horizontal surface


Power Management, Automotive, Commercial, Motor Drive & Control, Portable Devices, Lighting, Computers & Computer Peripherals


APS3636VR 3600W PowerVerter APS 36VDC 120VAC inverter/charger, APSRM4 Remote control module and Owner’s manual.


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