Manufacturer Part No:HIH-5031-001

Product Overview

The HIH-5031-001 is a low voltage Humidity Sensor operates down to 2.7VDC, often ideal in battery-powered systems where the supply is a nominal 3VDC. The HIH 5031 complements our existing line of 5VDC SMD (surface mount device) humidity sensors. The HIH-5031 series humidity sensors are designed specifically for high volume OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) users. Direct input to a controller or other device is made possible by this sensor near linear voltage output. With a typical current draw of only 200A, the HIH-5031 series is ideally suited for many low drain, battery operated systems. The HIH-5031 series delivers instrumentation-quality RH (Relative Humidity) sensing performance in a competitively priced, solderable SMD. The HIH-5031 is a covered, condensation-resistant, integrated circuit humidity sensor that is factory-fitted with a hydrophobic filter allowing it to be used in many condensing environments.
  • Molded thermoset plastic housing
  • Near linear voltage output vs. %RH
  • Laser trimmed interchangeability
  • Low power design
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Stable and low drift performance
  • Chemically resistant


Industrial, HVAC, Power Management, Automation & Process Control, Communications & Networking, Medical


Do not use these products as safety or emergency stop devices or in any other application where failure of the product could result in personal injury.

Product Information

0% to 100% Relative Humidity
Cut Tape


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