Manufacturer Part No:IL4116

Product Overview

The IL4116 is a 6-pin Phototriac Output Optocoupler consists of an AlGaAs IRLED optically coupled to a photosensitive zero crossing TRIAC network. The TRIAC consists of two inverse parallel connected monolithic SCRs. High input sensitivity is achieved by using an emitter follower phototransistor and a cascaded SCR predriver resulting in an LED trigger current of less than 1.3mA (DC). It uses zero cross line voltage detection circuit which consists of two enhancement MOSFETs and a photodiode. The inhibit voltage of the network is determined by the enhancement voltage of the N-channel FET. The P-channel FET is enabled by a photocurrent source that permits the FET to conduct the main voltage to gate on the N-channel FET. Once the main voltage can enable the N-channel, it clamps the base of the phototransistor, disabling the first stage SCR predriver. It is suitable for solid state relay, temperature controls and solenoid/valve control.
  • Very low input current
  • 300mA On-state current
  • 10000V/μs High dV/dt
  • <10μA Very low leakage
  • 6V Reverse voltage


Industrial, Lighting, Motor Drive & Control

Product Information

Zero Crossing


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