Manufacturer Part No:MT5656SMI-IP-92.R1-SP

Product Overview

MT5656SMI-IP-92.R1-SP is an SocketModem IP with V.92bis serial data plus IP, it operates at 5V. The SocketModem IP intelligent modem creates internet ready devices by integrating modem functionality and a complete TCP/IP protocol stack into a single, universal socket design. The space efficient (1″ × 2.5″), Ready to integrate modem sends and receives data via e-mail or socket interfaces. The intelligence of the embedded universal IP stack provides a common AT command interface across multiple universal socket devices. The SocketModem IP modem brings internet connectivity to any device without adding development time and costs. It also complies with telecom requirements globally allowing for worldwide shipments.
  • AT command interface for IP configuration
  • Complete modem solution including the controller, data pump and DAA
  • Universal socket connectivity
  • Intelligent universal IP stack for enhanced M2M functionality
  • DNS, FTP Client, POP3, SMTP, TCP, Telnet server, ICMP, IP, TCP/UDP and PPP protocol support
  • PAP and CHAP authentication
  • Serial interface supports DTE speeds to 230Kbps
  • TIA-602 AT command compatible in modem mode
  • Flash memory to update firmware with the latest enhancements


Communications & Networking, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, Portable Devices, Security, Medical, Sensing & Instrumentation

Product Information

Complete Modem Solution Including the Controller, Data Pump, and DAA, Universal Socket Connectivity


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