ASCO Series 327 valves are recommended for pilot applications with basic flow, wide pressure ranges and no minimum operating pressure.
PTFE rider rings, and graphite filled PTFE seals reduce friction and eliminate sticking. Coils used in metal enclosures have class H insulation materials. Special execution for low power. Special execution for extreme low ambient temperatures.

ASCO Product Ref: NF8327B112

Body Stainless Steel
Function 3/2 Universal
Pipe Size G1/4
Flow Coefficient KV (l/min) 7.5
Flow Coefficient KV (m3/h) 0.45
Orifice Size (DN) 5.7mm
Operating Pressure Differential (BAR) 0-10
Manufacturer ASCO
Operator Type NF
Thread NPT
Power Level RP
Voltage 24/DC, 24/50-60, 115/50-60


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