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Model Siemens Simatic HMI Panel
Brand Name VICPAS
Place of Origin China
Warranty 365 Days
Types Resistance Touch Screen
Shipping DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT/EMS/Aramex /DPEX
Touch points Single-touch
Detail Information

Touch screen for Siemens Simatic HMI Panel repair

Siemens Simatic HMI panel include several kind of series, such as: Siemens Simatic Panel, Multi Panel, Simatic HMI Comfort Panels, Simatic HMI Basic Panels, Simatic HMI Mobile Panels, Simatic HMI Key Panels, SIMATIC Flat Panel, Panel PC, Simotion panel PC, Smart Line, Sinumerik, Simatic C7 , Simatic Thin Client etc.

Siemens Hmi Panel Series

What`s the Siemens Simatic HMI panel main using?

Control system optimizes Tunnel control system for the longest railway tunnel in the world.
Control system optimizes the productivity of a hot dip galvanizing plant. Control system optimizes
Control system optimizes Modernization of a plant in the food and beverage industry on the basis of an integrated automation and visualization solution.
The HMI panel screen are fragiled and easy been damaged or lossed function after a long time using, Some of the manufacture will replaced the whole HMI panel directly with high price, the other manufactures are hard to find the correct and good quality spare part for replaceemnt, therefore, the others would sent to the local automation or electric repair company to fix, if they don`t have accessory, then have to wait for a long time and pay more money.

Simenes simatic HMI panel broken damaged

Below is the touch screen which we provide for Siemens HMI panel repair/replacement.

  • 1. Siemnes Simatic HMI Comfort Panels (KP400, KP900, KP1200, KP1500, TP700, TP900, TP1200, TP1500, TP1900, TP2200 comfort)
  • 2. Siemens Simatic HMI Mobile Panels (KTP700,KTP700F, KTP900, KTP900F mobile, Mobile Panel 170, Mobile Panel 177, Mobile Panel 277-8, Mobile panel 277 IWLAN)
  • 3. Siemens Multi Panel (MP270-6, MP277-6, MP277-8, MP270B-10, MP277-10, MP370-12, MP377-12, MP377-15, MP377-19 etc)
  • 4. Siemens Simatic HMI Basic Panels (KTP400, KTP700, KTP900, KTP1200, KP300, KP400, KTP600, KTP1000, TP1500 basic)
  • 5. Siemens Simatic C7 (C7-613, C7-614, C7-621, C7-623, C7-624, C7-633, C7-634, C7-635, C7-636 etc)
  • 6. Siemens Simatic HMI Key Panels (KP8 PN, KP8F PN, KP32F PN)
  • 7. Siemens Simatic Panel (TP177B-4“, TP177 6“, TP270-6, TP270-10 etc)
  • 8. Simens Flat Panel (Flat panel 10T, 12T, 15T, 17T, 19T)
  • 9. Siemens Panel PC (Panel PC 477, 577, 670, 677, 870, 877)
  • 10. Siemens Simotion panel PC (P012T, P012K, P015T, P015K)
  • 11. Siemens Smart Line (Smart 700, smart 1000, etc)
  • 12. Siemens Sinumerik (OP08T, OP010, OP012, OP015, HT6, HT8,802, 804 etc)
  • 13. Siemens Simatic Thin Client (ITC1500, ITC2200 etc)
Touch screen for Siemens HMI Panel repair

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6AV2181-5GJ10-0AX0 6AV2132-3GB00-0AA1 6AV2125-2JB03-0AX0 6AG1123-2JB03-2AX0
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6AV6652-7FA01-3AA0 6AV6647-0AF11-3AX0 6AG1123-2MB03-2AX0 6AG1123-2MA03-2AX0
6AG1124-0JC01-4AX0 6AV2124-0JC01-0AX0 6AG1124-0XC02-4AX0 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX0
6AV2181-5AG80-0AX0 /6FC5263-8PY11-0AG0 6AV3688-3AF37-0AX0 6AV3688-3EH47-0AX0



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